Arlindo Pinto


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Ao adquirir produtos nesta loja está a apoiar a realização de futuros projetos do autor.
You are at the appropriate place to acquire affordable books, photozines and photo prints of Arlindo Pinto.
Buying products in this store is the way to support future projects by the the author.
Thank you.

I don't do zines/books (call it what you want) to make money, so I price them based on the cost of materials and printing, usually with enough of a profit margin that I can pay a small part my own production work (cameras, film, hardware, software, etc).

With the money I make from selling one, I save to make another. Luckily I don't do photography to survive in a material way. I do it for a proper spiritual living.

So feel free to support my work, if you like it, and buy some.

Thanks in advance.